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PostureZone App Builds Clientele via Social Media!

You’ve heard buzz about the PostureZone app, but did you know that even if you don’t have an iPhone, the app can help you communicate posture to everyone you know who does have one?

PostureZone is a dual-use tool designed to build awareness for everyone with posture, as well as for wellness professionals who want a tool for mobile assessments with case management, plus digital PosturePractice resources.
      Your Patient/client >
             PostureZone app >
                   Social Media + FindPro Locator>
                          Stronger Patient Engagement & New
for YOU!


Why is it important to tell people about the PostureZone app?

  1. The PostureZone app encourages people to take posture pictures with a visual assessment measuring their alignment- but they need a friend to click the shutter button. And that person usually asks “How do I look?”
  2. For those you care, tracking their picture over time provides for consistent reminder to check in with you, their Posture Professional, when they have a problem. And of course you can help answer their friends’ questions as well.
  3. Encourage people to share their posture pictures via Facebook or Twitter, which in turn prompts your patients’ friends to download the free app, beginning a cycle as they share with their friends…and Posture Awareness grows outward, with you at the epicenter.
  4. The most exciting feature? The FindPro Locator. Once a person has downloaded the PostureZone app, he can search for his nearest Posture Professional. If you are listed in our professional database, John Smith will be able to find you. All because your patient/client posted his posture picture to Facebook or Twitter (or both!). He is now more engaged with your services, and you have built a larger clientele, all with the PostureZone app.

Check out the app and try it for yourself!

Ready to Promote Posture?  Here’s how it’ll work. Click to view full size.


Print the ‘Summer Challenge’ flyer on color paper and distribute!
Download the Customizable Flyer (1/2 page)


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