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Guest post provided by Joshua Walker of


By using a posture picture you engage the patient and explain an exercise protocol in the clinic that they can continue at home.  As discussed in the video below, a lot of people suffer from forward head tilt.  The posture picture allows you to show them the troubled area, and then you can teach them some exercises to help correct the problem.


While demonstrating new rehab exercises to your patients, you will likely be using tools such as bands, rollers, exercise balls, etc.  This is one of the easiest ways to retail products.  We find that people who implement products into their daily protocols have happier patients and sell a lot more items.  The new CLX-Continuous loop band would be a perfect product to utilize in the clinic.  Instead of the traditional bands where you need handles, this actually has loops built into the product and comes in progressive resistances, like the other thera-band rehab products.  This also allows people with dexterity issues to still benefit from the rehab.


There are two ways you can increase revenue in the clinic by implementing rehab.  The first is by billing for Rehab, which Dr. Weiniger talks about in the video below.  The second comes from retailing the products that you are using with the patients during their rehab.  Not only will you increase your revenue, but the patient will see better results by continuing their training at home with clinical tools.




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