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Dr. Weiniger on AARP Prime Time Focus

PostureMedia:  AARP Prime Time Focus with Alyne Ellis (Part 5 of 5)
For the final segment of the AARP radio posture series, Alyne Ellis learned a little bit more about her own posture when Posture Expert Dr. Steven Weiniger challenged her with a simple breathing demonstration.

Dr. Weiniger asks Alyne to take a deep breath using what she believes to be her BEST sitting posture.  Then, having her adjust herself on her seat, bringing her shoulders back and down, he has her try again.

“[The breath is] much deeper,” she says.  “Much, much deeper.”

Though Dr. Weiniger interjects with a caveat – your body doesn’t remember to sit in this optimal posture all the time.  This is why it’s important to start building smart habits through daily posture exercises.

Alyne says,”With specific daily exercises, you can strengthen your posture…and possibly avoid back pain. A certified Posture Specialist can provide more guidance.”

Listen now for instructions on doing this breathing test on your own.

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AARP:  INTRO – “I thought I was sitting up straight when I interviewed Posture Expert, Steven Weiniger…”

WEINIGER:  If you’d like to try something right now…

AARP:  (chuckles) I don’t know, you’re making me pretty nervous!

WEINIGER:  From where you’re sitting right now, take a deep breath in…

AARP:  (breathes in deeply)

WEINIGER:  And kinda notice how much air you get, and relax.  And now, let’s try to strengthen your posture for a moment.  So, scoot your buttocks back…

AARP:  Okay.

WEINIGER:  Scoot all the way back.  All right, shrug your shoulders up.  Move your shoulders all the way back, all the way down.  Lift your head tall.  And holding that, take a deep breath in.

AARP:  (breathes in deeply) It’s much deeper.  Oh yeah, much, much deeper.

WEINIGER:  Breathing deeper is a good thing.  And, obviously right now, you would not be able to maintain that position because you’re going to forget, and you’re going to slump.

AARP:  I did.  With specific daily exercises, you can strengthen your posture…and possibly avoid back pain.  A certified posture specialist can provide more guidance.  Like physical therapy, the sessions are usually covered by health insurance and Medicare.  That’s Prime Time Focus brought to you by AARP.  I’m Alyne Ellis.


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