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Slouching Reduces Shoulder Mobility

Even the slightest slump impacts range of motion

A study looked at 30 healthy young men, 18-35, with no recent history of shoulder problems. Shoulder range of motion was measured in 3 different sitting postures.

Their analysis “demonstrated significant differences in all comparisons (p < 0.001).”

Their Conclusions:

  • “Changes in sitting posture affect shoulder ROMs in all directions tested,” and…
  • “Greater changes in shoulder ROMs were associated with greater increase in thoracic kyphosis,” and…
  • “Even subtle changes in thoracic kyphosis need to be considered during shoulder evaluation.”

In other words:  Slumping restricts shoulder motion, and it gets worse the more you slump.

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Kanlayanaphotporn, Rotsalai (2014). “Changes in Sitting Posture Affect Shoulder Range of Motion.” Journal of Bodywork and Movement Therapies. Retrieved from


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