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Can Spinal Manipulation Make You Taller?

New study tracks height changes in men with degenerative joint disease

According to a new study in the Archives of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, if you have degenerative joint disease—YES, spinal manipulation can make you taller.

Researchers looked at 40 middle-aged men with DJD, gave half a placebo rubdown and half give a high velocity, low amplitude spinal manipulation (HVLS SM). Height was measured precisely, mobility observed and pain documented with visual analog scale and neural mechanosensitivity.

Their Conclusion: “An HVLA SM in the lumbosacral joint performed on male subjects with degenerative disc disease immediately improves self-perceived pain, spinal mobility in flexion, hip flexion during the passive SLR, and subject’s full height. “

Weiniger’s observation: In addition to restoring motion, presumably via increased disc hydration, people should focus motion on the newly mobilized segment to maintain and improve the beneficial effects.

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