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posture deterioration & aging

Posture deterioration with age

Posture exercise in youth keeps you standing tall

New study looked at how posture breaks down with age. Largest point of breakdown- the head moving forward of the pelvis.

Their conclusion about what they call the Cranial Center of Gravity:
“The CCG measurement correlated the most with age and may be a useful index marker of global spinal balance in decision making for surgical treatment of adult deformity involving cervical and thoracolumbar lesions.”

Put another way, Do your StrongPosture® exercise to keep standing tall when you are young to stay active as you get older.  And benchmark where you are now with annual PosturePictures (and perhaps the PostureZone app*)

*PostureZone is a free tool to check posture and track changes.  Download the free Posture App>>> Professionals upgrade with an in-app purchase to the pro version for only $29.99.


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