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The Solution for Sitting: Strengthening Posture

The opportunity for positioning as the Posture Specialist

There’s a lot of new research happening on the posture front that’s supporting the premises behind Stand Taller~Live Longer: An Anti- Aging Strategy and the StrongPosture® exercises. Especially if you read a bit deeper than the media headlines warning (with a lot of truth) that “Sitting is the New Smoking.”

These studies linking sitting and diabetes, heart disease and general mortality are all based on self-reported data, and lump all sitting together, and all exercise together. The latest meta-study joined most everything in this space and looked at sitting and exercise as two “big boxes.” However, all exercise is not the same. And all sitting is not the same.

The authors do note that “the deleterious outcome effects associated with sedentary time generally decrease in magnitude among persons who participated in higher levels of physical activity compared with lower levels,” and the current state of science is nonetheless homogenizing all sitting and all exercise into a single group.

As noted in the previous article, sitting is a health risk even if you exercise. That said, exercise definitely reduces the risk factor. In other words, you’re way better off being active even if you are sitting, as mentioned in this video from the author of the Annals of Internal Medicine study, Avi Biswas, in which he discusses the hazards of sitting, as well as the importance of staying active as a means of reducing the risk of sitting.


When I look at this picture from their video and see a collapsed chest and forward head, likely with restricted breathing capacity, it’s not surprising that he may suffer health problems.


In exercise, form is of paramount importance. Poor form causes injuries that take players off the field in competitive sports, and sideline recreational fitness people across the board. Form quite literally determines function which is one reason why posture is universally agreed to be important for winning performance by coaches and trainers everywhere.

In sitting, form is also of paramount importance. Poor form in sitting can be hard to quantify, but as these studies show it has a dramatic effect on how your body functions.

People call it slumping or slouching, and may attempt to address it with ergonomic chairs or standing desks, but at best that’s only part of the solution.

Retraining how you sit begins with retraining how you stand. We call this awareness Posture Consciousness. And the direction to head towards is a functionally stronger posture, aligning the centers of masses more effectively to reduce the wear and strain from mechanical stress and optimize function. We call this compass heading StrongPosture®.

StrongPosture® is about connecting your perception of how you stand (and later how you sit, or move) with objective reality.

Awareness begins with a picture, then progresses to doing daily StrongPosture® exercise to strengthen the small muscles and subtle motions that are neglected with chronic sitting, even if you exercise. And ESPECIALLY if you exercise, and want to train the body to move its best.


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