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Engaging Yourself with Posture – Courses for Professionals & Individuals

From Tech-neck to Computer Back, people are realizing the importance of posture.  Retraining unconscious habits with the attentional focus of StrongPosture® exercise creates a virtuous spiral to counteract the vicious cycles of modern life’s texting and slumping.

Where to begin education & training on posture:

For professionals helping patients/clients to relieve pain and improve motion, the continual improvement of movement control with individualized protocols that include short-duration exercises that address motor control reinforces the results of treatment, as well as empowering people to better manage their own issues.

Posture pros combine clinical therapy to remove restrictions and restore movement with StrongPosture® exercise protocols to relieve pain, regain function and retrain control of body motion.  New exercises are added systematically to strengthen the body’s kinetic chain with tracks focusing on the Three Elements of Posture- Balance, Alignment and Motion (BAM).   Plus, patients and staff share the excitement when changes are confirmed with changes in new PostureZone picture.  Learn more about our online course – get up to 15 hours of posture training!

For the general consumer who wants to stay healthy, incorporating a personal StrongPosture® BAM program to counteract bad posture habits takes just minutes a day, and optimizes form to maximize the benefits from other exercise and activity.  Plus it’s fun to actually see yourself standing taller when comparing your PostureZone pictures over time!  Get the FREE PostureZone app to start tracking

Join global network of Certified Posture Exercise Professionals (CPEP) helping people stand taller.
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Stand Taller and Live Longer with StrongPosture®

For info on creating your own 7 Weeks to StrongPosture® program, or finding a CPEP professional to address problems and individualized training, see

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