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back pain and motor control exercise

Motor Control Exercise

The new FDA guidelines for treating low back pain is advising physicians to consider alternatives like chiropractic and massage and motor control exercise.

The American College of Physicians (ACP) published a new set of guidelines stating prescription and over-the-counter medications (opiods, NSAIDS, etc.) are not the answer to addressing back pain. Further, they recommend passive therapies like chiropractic and massage, and active exercises like tai chi, yoga and other short-duration motor control exercise (MCE) like StrongPosture®.

Back Pain and Motor Control Exercise

Watch the video to learn more about recent studies on back pain, the mind-body connections, and the use of motion control exercise to rehab the whole body with awareness and motion.

  • Restore subtle segmental and granular motion with manipulation and mobilization – working towards symmetry.
  • Remove muscle and fascial adhesions with therapy.
  • Retrain patterns towards symmetry with Strong Posture protocols.
  • Incorporating short-duration exercise

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